Fudo 4.0 Release Notes

This is a major Fudo, introducing new features, improvements and bug fixes.


  • HTTP sessions rendering.
  • Threat prevention through machine learning.
  • Password changers 2.0 – separate transport layer, custom plugins.
  • Account notes accessible in User Portal.


  • New SSH key types in listeners configuration.
  • More prominent option to download raw timestamp files.
  • The ability to monitor storage space over SNMP.
  • Improved network settings configuration.
  • Improved system upgrades procedure.
  • License engine improvements.
  • User Portal support for IE11.
  • A more definite font used for displaying passwords in User Portal.
  • Option to run OCR on a dedicated hardware.
  • Chelsio T520 fiber channel interface card support.


  • An issue with long passwords not fitting in the modal window.
  • When displaying password history in User Portal, the selected time span does not take into account the timezone.
  • Error after closing the change password form in User Portal.
  • Default port numbers for external authentication methods.

Upgrade package download instructions:
Please contact us at support@fudosecurity.com to receive a proper upgrade package for your Fudo current software version.

There are a few things that need to be verified before this upgrade can be applied.

  1. Make sure your Fudo is not undergoing any system-wide process, like a storage matrix rebuild or is under high load.
  2. In a cluster configuration, make sure all nodes are synchronized and upgrade the slave node first.
  3. Make sure you have an active Premium or Standard Support maintenance contract.

How to upgrade your Fudo:

  1. Login to your Fudo and from the menu on the left-hand side select ‘System’, then the ‘Upgrade’ tab.
  2. If your Fudo is running in a cluster, start the upgrade from the Slave node, then move onto upgrading the Master node. When both systems are on the same Fudo version cluster communication will be restored.
  3. Select “Upload” from the top left side and upload the previously downloaded and unzipped upgrade package file.
  4. Select “Run Check” to determine if your upgrade file is correct and can be applied to the existing Fudo configuration. Refresh your browser window to see “Upgrade check” current progress.
  5. Upon a successful “Run Check” result, upgrade your Fudo by using the “Upgrade” button. Upon system restart, all active sessions will be terminated.
    In case of an unsuccessful check do not upgrade your system, double check your upgrade file checksum. If you encounter any problems, get in touch with us and we will assist you.

If you are experiencing issues with the newly installed version, you have an option to roll back to the previous version of the Fudo system previously running on this machine. To do so, click the user menu on the top, select ‘Restart’ and select previous system revision from the drop-down list.
Please keep in mind any session recordings performed on never version will be lost upon upgrade rollback execution.

If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch at support@fudosecurity.com
or by phone: +48 22 100 67 09.

Fudo Security Team.